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Luxury and Nautical Lifestyle

Private Dock

Deep Sea Access

Boat Slip Included

Private Elevator

Community Pool

Along the calm waters of the Salt Run in Saint Augustine, Fl, Cortez on the Water is a luxurious Condominium community. Designed to enhance your living accommodations, including your very own boat slip. If you dream of living where you can see the sunrise and have your boat nearby, this place is for you.

Luxury Lifestyle

Saint Augustine, FL

At Cortez on the Water, luxury is redefined with a nautical twist. Each residence, a testament to elegant living, boasts a private boat slip. Nestled along the serene St. Augustine shoreline, these premier condominiums offer not just a home, but an experience, complete with deepwater slips and recreational amenities along Salt Run. Here, your life is a picturesque scene of tranquil sunrises and your boat, a mere stroll away


Saint Augustine, Florida

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St. Augustine, a gem on Floridas coast, offers a unique blend of historical richness and modern leisure. As the nations oldest city, founded in 1565, its a picturesque haven where history comes alive. From the iconic Castillo de San Marcos to Ponce de Leons Fountain of Youth, its narrow lanes and historic landmarks beckon. The citys vibrant past is intertwined with diverse cultural influences from Spanish, English, Greek, Native American, and African American communities. Leisure abounds with activities like kayaking, golfing, and exploring Anastasia Islands sandy shores. Culinary delights reflect its coastal essence, featuring fresh seafood and local flavors like Datil peppers. Whether strolling along the cobblestone streets of St. George Street or indulging in the upscale vibes of Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine is a sanctuary for both history enthusiasts and leisure seekers​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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Anastasia Island

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Embrace the luxury of coastal living at Anastasia Island, where nature’s serenity becomes your daily panorama. Envision being enveloped by a landscape kissed by the gentle sea breeze, with the soothing rhythm of waves as your private symphony. Here, luxury is more than a notion — it’s the heartfelt experience of dwelling in an untouched sanctuary that seems designed for your personal joy.

At Anastasia Island, your hours are filled with the effortless pleasure of sunlit beaches and tranquil nature trails, all within a whisper of your secluded haven. It is a place where the natural grandeur fuses with the comfort of knowing you are in a realm that is both singular and heartwarming. Make Anastasia Island your backyard — a place of luxurious refuge that simply asks you to be there and revel in the untouched splendor of nature.


Anastasia State Park Experiences







Just steps from Cortez on the Water in St. Augustine, Anastasia State Park offers a natural oasis on Anastasia Island. Residents can enjoy serene beach strolls, kayak along the peaceful Salt Run, or explore historical sites like the Spanish Coquina Quarries, all within 0.8 miles of their home. This prime location blends the historical charm of St. Augustine with the tranquil beauty of Florida’s coast, creating a perfect balance for luxurious, relaxed living.

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A stone’s throw from Cortez on the Water lies a culinary paradise. Llama Restaurant tantalizes with its Peruvian and Latin flavors just 0.1 miles away. Mojo’s brings Mexican zest even closer, while Mellow Mushroom and Gypsy Cab Company, both a short 0.2 mile jaunt, serve American classics with a twist. Seafood lovers rejoice at O’Steen’s Restaurant, only 0.3 miles away, offering fresh, coastal delights. For a casual bite, Osprey Tacos and the Gas Full Service Restaurant, each under half a mile, provide a perfect blend of local tastes and relaxed dining. This diverse array of eateries, all within a leisurely stroll, mirrors the perfect balance of Cortez on the Water’s location a harmonious blend of St. Augustine’s historic charm and the laid back beachside ambience of Anastasia Island.

Walking Distance

Under 1 Mile



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The SailFish


The Marlin

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Around Cortez

This aerial map highlights the rich tapestry of attractions surrounding Cortez, located on Anastasia Island in historic St. Augustine. With Cortez as your anchor, a short journey unfolds into an array of experiences from the cobblestone allure of St. George Street to the storied walls of Castillo de San Marcos. Cultural treasures like the Lightner Museum, the Cathedral Basilica, and educational landmarks such as Flagler College are all within a stones throw. This mosaic of attractions offers an immersive dive into the soul of St. Augustine, blending the old with the new right at Cortezs doorstep.

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